Dojo Etiquette

Mutual welfare and benefit, one of the key principles of judo, means always showing respect and practicing safely in the dojo:

  • Respect your clubmates and your coaches
  • Rei (Bow) when entering and leaving the Dojo
  • Ask permission from a coach before leaving the mat
  • Tidy away your mess (drink bottles, sweet wrappers etc)
  • Visit the toilet BEFORE the class begins
  • No whistling on the mat
  • No talking whilst the coach addresses the class
  • You must not arrive or leave the dojo in your Judogi

Safety and Hygiene

  • Players must have a valid, in date Judo Licence.
  • Footwear must be worn off the mat.
  • Hands and feet should be cleaned before the class.
  • Judo Suits (Gi's) must be clean at the beginning of a class.
  • Jewellery/watches to be removed before a class.
  • Long hair must be tied back.
  • Players need to have short finger and toe nails.
  • No hard or sharp objects to be worn (hair clips, metal pads in hair bands)
  • No food or drinks allowed on the mat area (including chewing gum)
  • Girls must wear a t-shirt under their judogijacket (must be white at comp's)

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The Gentle Way

Judo develops self-discipline and respect for oneself and others. It provides the means for learning self-confidence, improving concentration and leadership skills, as well as developing physical coordination, strength, power, and flexibility

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Judo develops complete body control, fine balance, and fast reflexive action. Above all, it develops a sharp reacting mind well-coordinated with the same kind of body. Judo training also gives a person an effective self-defence system if the need arises.

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Family orientated Club which has over 60 years experience of teaching Judo.
We cater for Junior’s starting from 8 years old to Senior’s of all abilities. We are very proud of our strong female contingment, which proves Judo is a sport for all, not just the guys.

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