Jack Middleton

1st Dan

"There wasn’t really a reason I stared judo other than I was bored when the rugby and football season was over and ever since then I’ve never looked back."

There are many things I like about judo but here are a few:

  • How competitive it is
  • The physical side of judo
  • The social aspect of it
  • The history and tradition
  • The discipline it gives you which carries over from judo and the values it holds

What are your proudest moments in judo?

"I am very proud of achieving my first Dan (black belt) and I’m also proud to see everyone else progress through the grades and get better each week.""


  • 1st Dan Judoka

Get Up! Challenge yourself

What not come and give judo a try, who knows if you will be the next Olympic champion, have improved fitness or a new group of friends? Either way its worth it!

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