Stan Cantrill

6th Dan Coach

I tried cricket but it was too slow, I played rugby (and went on to play for Walsall Colts), but with judo I liked it being an individual sport

“You succeed or fail based on your own personal performance and I like that.” Cantrill, who is affectionately known as ‘Stan The Man’, faught in the M9 (70 – 75 years old) -73kg category on Wednesday in Mexico. “It’s very lonely out there on the mat, there’s no hiding place,” said the 1974 Scottish Open winner while in attendance at the second day of the Cancun Grand Prix.

“I never made the national squad, I was around at the time of Brian Jacks, Britain’s first world medallist, and he still teases me about our contests.

“I fought Neil Adams in a Midland tournament and his late brother Chris. Neil had a phenomenal tai-otoshi, I knew he was going to do it but I couldn't stop it. I was watching him all day and thought I’ve seen you, you’re not going to get me sunshine but of course he did.

“With Jacks he would raise his game based on the level of competition. I threw him in training but I’m sure he won’t remember it.”

Cantrill, who counts Fighting Films, Samsung and Halo Leisure among his enviable list of sponsors, has travelled the world doing the sport he loves and has won hundreds of medals.

“I love judo, I love fighting, it’s my greatest love but don’t tell my wife that. The adrenaline rush of fighting you just can’t describe.


  • 6th Dan Judoka