Wes Hayfield

1st Dan Coach

"I have always been fascinated with Martial arts growing up. I would love to watch any martial arts films especially Bruce Lee. I tried other arts such as Karate and Kung Fu but Judo is definitely the one that suited me. Being born with Asthma I thought it would be a good way to improve my breathing and my overall fitness."

"I love the martial art side of Judo, the effortless way in which you can throw an opponent with ease when everything comes together and is timed right. Judo has so many health benefits, both mental and physical, it increases self-esteem, self discipline, self respect and courtesy toward others. I have been practicing Judo for the last 10 years and I'm still constantly learning more every time I get on the mat."

"My proudest judo achievements are receiving my 1st Dan (Black belt) and my level 1 coaching award."

"I can still remember walking past my local village hall and seeing people doing Judo, I thought ‘I fancy doing a bit of that’. One evening I went to the local judo club and spectated. After 10 minutes of watching people throwing each other I was already itching to get on the mat. The following week I was on that mat for the first time and that's where my passion and journey for Judo started., Ii still remember doing my first throw (Ippon Seoi Nage)"


  • 1st Dan Judoka
  • Level 1 Coach

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